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17 марта

Russia Restricts Entry of Foreigners from March 18 to May 1 Amid COVID19 risk

According to the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 635-p dated March 16, 2020, temporary restrictions on entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Russian Federation are introduced in order to counter the further spread of the coronavirus infection.

Starting from 00:00 (local time) on March 18, 2020, till 00:00 (local time) on May 1, 2020, most of foreign citizens and stateless persons will not be allowed to enter the Russian Federation. Those restrictions will not apply to certain categories of people: employees (and their family members) of diplomatic missions and consular offices, international organisations and their representations, other official foreign representations located in the Russian Federation; drivers of international motor transport, crew members of aircrafts, sea and river vessels, international trains; members of official delegations; bearers of diplomatic, official or regular private visas (only for those planning to attend the funeral of a close relative); persons permanently residing in the Russian Federation; transit passengers travelling through air border crossing points (airports).

Starting from 00:00 (local time) on March 18, 2020, all the Russian diplomatic and consular missions abroad temporarily suspend accepting any visa applications except for diplomatic, official and regular business visa applications from foreign nationals and stateless persons mentioned above (issuance of visas according to the already accepted applications is being suspended as well).
E-visa service also becomes temporarily unavailable.

The measures taken by Government of the Russian Federation are prompted by special circumstances and are only temporary.

To read the full text of the government resolution in Russian click here