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04 сентября / 2019

Round Table Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of World War II

On September 2, 2019, at the premises of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi the Round Table dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of World War II was organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India jointly with the RCSC. Among the attendees were Charge d’ Affaires of the Russian Federation in India Mr Roman N. Babushkin, Military, Air and Naval Attache Col. Sergey V. Peregudov, heads of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan diplomatic missions, prominent Indian experts and public activists, former diplomats and Army officers, businessmen, representatives of youth organizations.

During the panel, different aspects of the history of the beginning of World War II were discussed, including the Soviet-Indian political and military solidarity in combating the common enemy. The participants unanimously recognized the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to the victory over fascism and liberation of not only the European countries but the whole humankind.

The inadmissibility of the World War II revision, attempts of history falsification and Nazism glorification was stressed, which is also relevant for the contemporary approaches of Russia and India within the UN and other respective multilateral organizations.

Special attention was drawn to the modern geopolitical situation assessments in the light of the World War II lessons. The commitment of Russia, India and other like-minded countries towards building of the more just multipolar world order based on the central role of the UN and its Charter, as well as the need to strictly adhere to the international law were underlined.

The event was covered by the Indian media.