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26 июля / 2018

Literary Soiree in New Delhi

A collection of works by Russian authors in Hindi translation, as well as a textbook on Russian grammar, were released at the Russian Embassy in New Delhi on July 26. The event was graced with the presence of translators, writers, public figures, diplomats, compatriots living in India, as well as students from Delhi universities studying Russia and the Russian language.
According to the editor of the collection, an interpreter, Prof. Hem Chandra Pande from Jawaharlal Nehru University, "such books will be useful for Russian students and those who are simply interested in Russia, Russian culture and literature”.
The book of novels translated by noted Indian experts on the Russian language includes the stories by Mikhail Bulgakov’s "The Moonshine Lake", Valentin Rasputin’s "What Shall I Tell the Crow?", Vasily Shukshin’s "Villagers". There are stories of contemporary authors - Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Yuri Buida, Alexander Karasev, Eduard Alekseev. The collection features authors writing in various genres of including fantasy (Andrei Salomatov’s "Robot Tanyusha"), drama (Yakov Yaluner and Pavel Yaltsev), poetry (Konstantin Vanshenkin, Vyacheslav Kupriyanov, Andrey Dementyev, Dmitry Danilov).
A monograph “Basics of Russian Morphology” by Dr. Girish Munjal and Ms. Deepika Vashist, Russianists of the Delhi University, was also released. The text book focuses on making learning Russian grammar interesting and highly effective.
"The fact that this event coincides with the anniversary BRICS summit in Johannesburg, highlights the diversified nature of our deep ties with India. Apart from intensive political contacts, the relations develop steadily in other areas, including education," said Mr. Anatoly Kargapolov, Russian Embassy Charge 
d' Affaires, a.i.
According to Dr. Girish Munjal, "the Russian literature has become a little closer to each of us, and we can once again enjoy its depth and beauty."
The Delhi students have shown a good command of Russian language. Talking to the Russian diplomats, they stressed that the stimulus for learning Russian is not only a special strategic partnership between Russia and India, or the fact that it is one of the six official UN languages and the most widely spoken language in Eurasia. Furthermore, Russian is one of the most beautiful languages on Earth, the language of poets, shades of human feelings hardly translatable to other languages.
The program also included a presentation of one of the leading agencies on learning Russian and other school disciplines,, which launched its subsidiaries, Dragonlearn in India and other BRICS countries.
The previous day the Russian company successfully inaugurated the international maths competition, BRICSMATH-2018 aimed at uniting children of BRICS nations and promoting Russian education initiatives for BRICS cooperation.
The presentation of Indian authors’ works was covered by Russian news agencies.
Ms. Tatyana Perova, head of Russian Language Teachers Training Centre in India, briefed the audience about new Russian language textbooks for foreign students.