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08 февраля / 2018

Condolences on the death of Professor Mohanty

Dear Mrs Mohanty,

It is with a feeling of deep sorrow that I have learnt about the sad demise of a great friend of Russia, eminent scholar and beloved guru for his students, both Russian and Indian, dear Prof. Mohanty. Please, accept my heart-felt condolences on this irreparable loss.

His talent of a bright lecturer and analyst, strong commitment to civic and professional duty, noble activities as a chairperson of the School of International Studies, JNU, and the Director of the authoritative Eurasia Foundation earned him highest respect in India and made him well-known in my country.

Prof. Mohanty was a passionate advocate of Russian-Indian friendship, initiator and irreplaceable participant of many significant events, whose contribution to strengthening relations between our nations can hardly be overestimated. Thanks to his profound knowledge of all aspects of Russian life and self-denying work with the young generation the number of Indian specialists keen on Russian studies has been rising.

He will forever be remembered as a true long-standing friend of our country and of many Russians who knew him personally.

In this hour of sorrow, my thoughts are entirely with you. May God bless you and give you spiritual strength to overcome this stroke of fate.

Let Arun-ji’s soul rest in peace. I mourn together with you and all his dear and near ones.

Yours in grief,
Nikolay Kudashev