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02 мая

273 Russians flew home by a special flight

273 Russians flew home by a special flight en route Delhi – Saint-Petersburg – Moscow with the assistance of the Embassy of Russia in India. Over past one month, the Embassy provided people with all necessary support, including financial. More than 130 people were provided with free accommodation, meals and medical care.

Significant financial assistance was provided by following entities with representative offices in India: Gazprombank, Sberbank, VTB, Rostec, RSK MiG, Russian Railways, Rosatom as well as Indian companies Srei Infrastructure and Sun Group.

The Embassy organized a food distribution at the airport offering dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. All departing passengers were examined by the Embassy doctor.

Overall, after regular international passenger flights were suspended on March 22, 2282 people left India with the Embassy's assistance. 1065 of them departed from Delhi and 1217 – from Goa. 3609 compatriots remain stranded in India and are awaiting further special flights.