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12 february

Soft Power Matters but Not to be Misused

We noted the article “Does Soft Power Matter?” by Mr Swagata Ganguly published in The Times of India on February 11, 2021.

It has to be stated that by both substance and merit, it is reflecting biased and confrontational approach, which is widely used by some Western countries struggling to unite themselves on the basis of anti-Russian hysteria.

They can not accept the idea of a strong and independent Russia and time and again keep inventing new farfetched pretexts to show that Russia is “wrong”.

They are not interested in facts – that Novichok is not produced and stored in Russia for decades but mostly in the European countries, that the OPCW and Germany were refusing to cooperate on the so-called poisoning of Mr Navalny, that law-enforcement response when it came to non-authorized protests was much more liberal than in the most such cases in the West, that the Western diplomats were participating in such protests and court hearings and ultimately funding and recruiting NGOs to support antigovernment movements in Russia and other independent countries are nothing but clear attempts to interfere in domestic affairs.

Along with misusing illegal unilateral sanctions, the above examples vividly indicate severe violations of international law. Is that the “rules-based” world order that the rest countries are invited to support? And who is the judge who is defining “the right side of the history”?

Obviously, such article does not reflect the position of the Indian Government, which is well-known to support dialogue of civilizations and legitimate rights of all countries to follow their own way of political, social and economic development.

Russia, India and other like-minded countries are on the same page in promoting just and equal multipolar world based on the principles of the UN Charter.

It is especially disappointing to see the treatment of the national symbols of Russia in the well-reputed newspaper – it may be regarded as a direct insult to the friendly country, and it is strongly requested to remove it from any sources belonging to it and refraining from publishing such outrageous materials in future.