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Commemorative stamps

 Soviet Union, India and then Russia have issued a succession of commemorative stamps, dedicated to major events in our bilateral relations. 

25th anniversary of the Soviet-Indian shipping line (1981, USSR)

To the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between USSR and India (1976, USSR) 

100th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore (1961, USSR)

100th birth anniversary of Vladimir Lenin (1970, India)

Leo Tolstoy (1978, India)

500th anniversary of the voyage of Afanasy Nikitin to India (1966, USSR)

100th birth anniversary of Maxim Gorky (1968, India)

Dr. W.M.Haffkine (1964, India)

100th and 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (1969, USSR / 2019, Russia)
Jawaharlal Nehru (1964, 1989; USSR)
Indira Gandhi (1984, USSR / 1987, USSR / 2017, Russia)

50th anniversary of the USSR (1972, India)

25, 30 and 50 years of independent India (1972, USSR / 1977, USSR / 1997, Russia)

60th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (1977, India)

Festival of India in the USSR (1987, USSR)

Festival of the USSR in India (1987, USSR)

Children's drawings. USSR and India (1990, USSR)

Indo-Soviet Joined Manned Space Flight (1984, India)

Inauguration of Troposcatter Communication Link: India —  USSR (1982, USSR and India)

40th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. Yuri Gagarin (2001, India)

USSR — India: Cooperation in Space (1984, USSR)